UWS is an international university with its diverse students and faculty, as well as global partnerships with businesses, non-governmental organizations and public agencies. As part of its internationalization strategy, it forms transnational partnerships with prestigious education and research organizations around the world, thus opening up its experience and resources to the world, while also benefiting from the infinite diversity of knowledge and experience that is out there. As part of this strategy, the UWS has formed a collaborative partnership with the Management Centre of the Mediterranean (MCM) in North Cyprus to run certain UWS Masters programmes in Cyprus as well.

North Cyprus is a popular location for students from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. UWS in Cyprus provides students with  the opportunity to get a QAA-accredited Scottish degree in North Cyprus—the same quality and prestige with much lower costs for tuition, accommodation, and living in general. If you add to this almost 365 days of sun, the sea, central location with easy access from anywhere around the world, a safe and comfortable environment to live in, this makes a great opportunity for students.

Both UWS and MCM have wide networks of contacts and partnerships with public, private and non-profit organisations around the globe, as well as with various transnational organisations. Students and graduates of UWS in Cyprus have the chance to benefit from the global networks of both of these esteemed institutions.