MCM was established in 2001 by the Cyprus Turkish Association of Managers and it was originally funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Cyprus. It has since partnered with many international organisations, local civil society organisations and private businesses, as well as civil society organisations in other countries in the region. MCM provides professional management and sustainable development services at international standards  to organisations in non-profit, private and public sectors through training, consulting, and research. It has been a leading actor in Cyprus in civil society capacity building, advocacy and lobbying.

UWS is committed to building strong partnerships with industry and commerce, educational institutions and local communities through research, knowledge-transfer, targeted trainings and consultancy. Thus it also has a wide range of local and international contacts and partnerships.

UWS in Cyprus students are encouraged and supported to utilise these networks.

UWS in Cyprus is committed to expanding its network and partnerships in ways that would further ground the high quality academic education it provides in practice and relevance.

UWS in Cyprus – Birinci Media Partnership is a fine example of this effort. Birinci Media operates a TV channel (GençTV, broadcast worldwide via satellite and internet) and a radion station (First FM). UWS in Cyprus has partnered with Birinci Media for the delivery of the Creative Media Production MA programme, whereby students have full access to Birinci Media’s technological resources and facilities. Such partnerships are pivotal for preparing our graduates to be work-ready with the necessary skills and industry contacts.

Partnerships with non-profit, private and public sectors also aim to contribute to sustainable and inclusive community development through policy-relevant scientific research and capacity development via trainings and consultancy.