This programme is aimed at those who intend to work as TESOL professionals, teaching English at home or abroad.

Students will be equipped with the relevant, practical teaching and English language skills as well as the confidence and citizenship skills gained from developing language learnt in situ. You will be supported, throughout, in considering the role of language in a global context and the associated benefits for citizens, nationally and internationally, as developing linguists; that is, how to enhance both their own prospects and those of their prospective students in a global context.

There will be opportunities for practice-related learning for all students: this will comprise the opportunity to use practical knowledge of language and teaching pedagogy gained from the programme on a short teaching practice within the field of TESOL.


Student Learning Journey

The MEd TESOL comprises six modules and a dissertation:

  • Introduction to language Analysis
  • Theory and Practice of English Language Teaching
  • Research Methods
  • Theories of Second Language Acquisition

You will begin with the compulsory ‘Introduction to language Analysis’ and ‘Theory and Practice of English Language Teaching’ modules. You will also choose one of the modules below to complete the Certificate; and another of the modules below plus ‘Research Methods’ and ‘Theories of Second Language Acquisition’ modules to complete the Diploma:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • English as a Global Language
  • Intercultural Theory and Global Citizenship
  • Language, Identity and Power
  • Working with Young Learners

You will then complete a dissertation, the title of which is to be agreed with the Programme Leader.